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Verdant Electronics’ nontraditional concept involves the elimination of solder from the assembly process. The notion of eliminating solder is not new, but the previously proposed means to do so (e.g., replace with conductive adhesive) have not been accepted by the market, presumably because of difficulties in operation or lack of reliability. While Verdant’s solution is likely to be viewed by some as impractical at first because solder has always been the de facto standard for electronic assembly, those skilled in the technology of electronic assembly will recognize that is both possible and practical in view of the prior work in building much more complex and challenging multichip modules and IC packages using bare die. All of the materials, equipment and processes required to implement the process are available and operational today. The biggest change to the assembly factory will be simply the importing of a mature process of additive board fabrication.
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"I believe the Verdant process is unique in that it uses existing processes currently used to make some of the highest volume products around (cellphone circuit boards) and applies them in a novel and unique way to create a potentially low-cost integrated circuit board assembly and packaging solution that is “green” using additive processes, low temperature assembly and therefore low energy use."
Alan Rae Ph. D., NanoDynamics Inc



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